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Etopia Urban Fest

21.09.2019 - 21.09.2019

On the 21st of September Etopia Center for Art & Technology celebrates Etopia Urban Fest. An evening dedicated to the urban culture and young makers. Trap and Rap performances, open air mural painting and digital art await to be presented by young creators from Etopia’s laboratories and projects.

Etopia Urban Fest is part of U R ART, an event that will take place simultaneously in 7 european cities that hosts the museums and cultural centers belonging to smARTplaces project.

Concerts and performances

Through the power of rhythm and rhyme, language and music, rap and trap have become a powerful phenomenon to create sensations in our body and mind, as well as a great way of expression for young people all over the world; a musical style that allows them to reclaim their own voice and place in the world.

5.50. pm. The evening will start presenting the song created during Rappin’ Etopia, a summer workshop led by Rap Academia in which a group of teenagers took a microphone to tell their own stories.

6.00 pm to 8.30 p.m. The evening will continue with concerts and performances led by the participants in the Sound Laboratory Open Sessions.Ibarzo, Soul’s Sunset, Capitán Jumpano, QL2, M.Tulpa & Young Lesson, Ares y Sigma, Héroes de Alquiler and Delyrium File will introduce their projects, a range of songs that oscilate between rap and trap styles that were recorded or produced in Etopia’s Sound Laboratory.

8.45. to 9.30 p.m. Skyhook, a young local producer and DJ, will be in charge of the closure of this evening.

Live painting

Illustrator Arantxa Recio will lead the creation of a mural along with the concerts and performances in the Water Theater.


During the event, visitors will be able to participate in a collective and interactive mural prepared by Aula DIWOK (a workspace in which teenage makers develop their own projects by using open-source software and hardware). Along the evening, boys and girls involved in Aula DIWOK will also present their latest projects.

Digital art

Finally, and thanks to everyone’s participation, Etopia Urban Fest will come to an end at 9.30h with the broadcasting of a special video piece created for Etopia’s Media Facade.