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04.07.2019 - 22.09.2019

On July 4 Azkuna Zentroa opens the Identidata installation, a project co-produced by Azkuna Zentroa – Alhóndiga Bilbao and Urbanbat.

Identidata proposes a reflection on the role different factors play in the construction of identities in an ongoing globalisation scenario. It also functions as a data visualisation device that shows some of the elements used to build our identity here and now, today.

The visitor’s participation is presented as a plastic game: it is a constructive exercise from the juxtaposition of autonomous pieces, which represents a world undergoing a heterogeneous mutant transformation that is steadily and conceptually completed via the dribble of citizens’ contributions.

Its formal arrangement is set up around two strategic cores: a geographical scale ranging from the district to the planet, and a series of determining lines in identity construction. Just like identities, the installation is built on 2 essential factors. On the one hand, it is built in a narrative way via stories which connect us, like a short story of ourselves. A story made up of individual fragments, which arranges the changes and differences, as well as those things that make us similar and join us.

And on the other hand, it is built through images. Individual images and a collective image of the group we belong to or connect with, as if we were an extension of ourselves.

Histories and images which differentiate us from and liken us to others.

The artists Clara Boj and Diego Díaz interpret the data of the Identidad cuántica (Quantum Identity)  installation, an artistic intervention on the Sun Screen. Their proposal reflects on identity analysis via the principle of quantum superposition, according to which, identity can exist simultaneously in all its possible forms; however, when trying to define it we are only shown one of its possible configurations.

Clara Boj and Diego Díaz have been working together since the year 2000. Their main works propose new devices (both conceptual and technological), which reformulate perception and experience of the digital and physical environment. They combine creation and research with teaching, Clara Boj at the Valencia Polytechnic University and Diego Díaz at Jaume I University in Castellón.