Panel | Get down to it. Experiences of participation in culture

    15.03.2019 - 01.01.1970

    Inés Bebea is head of the Digital Critical Education area at Ondula association. A telecoms engineer by training, she holds an MA in educational innovation and is a social theater actress. She is the author of several works on these fields: ‘Critical Digital Literacy guide: an invitation to reflect and act’ (2016) and ‘Voices of Technology’ (2018), among others. Inés is keen on exploring new imaginaries and digital learning methodologies, promoting a critical awareness by citizens in their use and appropriation of digital technologies from a sensitive, humanistic and committed to social justice approach. She has been a jury member of the European Social Innovation Competition, an honorary collaborator of the University of Oslo and the Rey Juan Carlos University, as well as the UNITeS Program of the United Nations. At Ondula, she currently organises lectures, courses, workshops and research studies.

    Theater-forum on Digital Culture is a project led by Ondula, started in 2015 at the Medialab-Prado centre in Madrid. It is based on a process of collective construction of a theater play, focused on the inherent injustices to the functioning of everyday technology: privacy, network ownership, consequences of the electronic trash we generate daily, existing biases of the artificial intelligence algorithms, etc. Its methodology is based, among others, on the ‘Listening Theater’ tools. The resulting play is represented in participatory forum format, in front of a diverse audience without specific technical skills, debating with the actors, seeking ways of solving the arisen problems. Both the creative process and the participative representation are educational experiences based on the participants’ experience. They are aimed to spark debate on emerging issues and empower individual and collective digital citizenship, capable of reflecting how technology works, analyse their benefits and risks, and propose alternatives at a local and global level.


    Giada Calvano is Research Fellow of the Cultural Management Programme – University of Barcelona. Researcher for Be SpectACTive!  (Creative Europe) and EULAC Focus (Horizon2020) European projects. Lecturer in international cultural cooperation and cultural management (University of Barcelona, IED Venice). Consultant and project manager in the fields of culture, publishing, environmental sustainability and tourism. She was previously Head of Research at the Observatory of Performing Arts of the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy). PhD candidate in Culture and Heritage Management at the University of Barcelona.

    Be SpectACTive! is a large-scale European cooperation project – co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Programme – aimed at involving citizens and audiences in collaborative creative and organisational processes in the performing arts. Its members are European festivals, theatres, cultural organisations, universities and a research centre. The action research, carried out jointly by the University of Barcelona, the University of Montpellier and Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (Italy), led to a deeper understanding of participatory practices and audience empowerment in the field. The results of this 4-year journey (2014-2018) and the goals of the new edition (2018-2022) will be presented during this session.


    Diego Garulo
    is a cultural manager and planning, cooperation and new projects’ manager at the Cultural department of the Zaragoza City Council. He designs and manages projects linked to cultural planning, shared management, cooperation and territory. His career in the field of cultural management started in the amateur theater sphere, founding El Globo Teatro, a performing arts self-managed venue. He has held several positions: lighting technician for several  theater companies, cultural production manager, team member within the 2016 Zaragoza European Capital of Culture bid, co-writer of the ZaragozaCultura 2020 Master Plan , and coordinator of two EU cultural cooperation projects, Dance Channels and Recover the Streets. He is member of PROCURA (Aragón Association of Culture Professionals).

    He is currently the coordinator for Zaragoza City Council of the Harinera ZGZ project, an old flour factory restored as an active participation community culture space, aimed at empowerment and urban transformation through creativity. This centre is managed in a shared manner between the City Council, the local-district social fabric, and cultural stakeholders.

    José Ramón Insa
    is project manager at the Department of Programs and Networks in the Cultural Department of the Zaragoza City Council. He has a wide experience as cultural program manager, particularly in the field of cultural co-operation and exchange programs with Latin America, and a significant culture activist career. Insa is currently heading the Nexo Space project, aimed at exploring and fostering community culture.