• Tele-Present Wind by David Bowen

  • The Big Picture by Robotlab

  • Accomplice by Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders

  • Fish-Bird by Mari Velonaki


PROTOTIPOAK … and the things we do

31.05.2018 - 16.09.2018

PROTOTIPOAK, the International Meeting of New Artistic Forms 2018, extends its programme to include a major exhibition that will open alongside the festival period and then occupy the gallery space of Azkuna Zentroa throughout the months of the summer.

When Art meets AI meets Life

The exhibition – which has taken the title ‘…and the things we do’  – further expands the core intentions and propositions of this year’s PROTOTIPOAK:  our everyday life and the interactions between humans and non-humans. It’s unique curation focuses on artistic works and projects that engage and reflect on aspects of our shared use of space and performance of the city, considerering the non-human and technological agents that also act with and around us within our daily social and lived environments.

It let’s you discover a selection of major and influential contemporary artworks from within the fields of social robotics, bio electronics and artificial intelligence. Together these artworks will inhabit Azkuna Zentroa’s museum to create an evolving ecology of interactive and adaptably performative machines.

Sharing and shaping spaces with non-humans

With the artists who have worked with us over the past year to realise this collective of works, we have focused on how these strangely familiar yet extraordinary robots – through their behaviours, and their endeavours to adapt and function within their environment – might both reflect and respond to our own choices and experiences. How do we interact? How are we influenced by them and vice versa? Perhaps our meetings with them might open new perspectives onto the things we ourselves choose to do and not do, to make and not make happen, as together we navigate and shape the shared spaces we live in.

Guided visits for groups on demand (45′). Booking has to be done 7 days in advance. Information and bookings: Infopuntua / 944 014 014 / azkunazentroa@azkunazentroa.eus.

Free entrance and free audioguides available.