Ramya Rajaraman


Ramya has over 16 years’ experience in Strategic Communications, Social Media Marketing, Arts Management & Public Relations. A performing arts connoisseur with a deep passion for the arts, Ramya derives great inspiration from artistic creations. After working in the corporate and non-profit sector for 14 years, she founded ArtSpire in 2016, to help build thriving and sustainable art organisations.

ArtSpire works with arts and culture organisations, venues, art education institutions, art-based non-profits and arts practitioners, supporting them in strategic marketing, audience development, curation and management of artistic initiatives, and building sustainable revenue models. In the past 2 1/2 years, under the leadership of Ramya, ArtSpire has managed and delivered over 35 projects in Chennai and Mumbai, India

Ramya’s expertise lies in developing organisational strategy, artistic collaborations, social media strategy, and digital initiatives. She has a Masters degree in Communications from Portland State University, Oregon, USA and a Diploma from London School of Journalism. Ramya loves travelling, is a passionate foodie and a yoga enthusiast.

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