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Download the new smARTplaces toolkit

06.08.2020 by Dave Harte

Keywords: Birmingham City University, download, Research, toolkit

A cultural policy ‘toolkit’ has been published as part of the evaluation of the four-year, European smARTplaces project. 

Researchers at the Birmingham City University’s Centre for Media and Cultural Research, in collaboration with the Dortmunder U, have produced the toolkit which offers a series of reflections and conversations about the role that digital technologies play in supporting the development of audiences for cultural institutions. Called ‘European stories on engaging audiences: reflections and critical questions on the role of the digital’, the toolkit is available for download.

The smARTplaces project, which ran from 2016 and is now in the final stages, involved seven cultural institutions from seven countries and played host to a range of cultural events, exhibitions and conferences.

For BCU, the project was led by Professor Paul Long until November 2019 and then by Dr Dave Harte. Dave: “The toolkit is an important public outcome of the project. We hope that others who wish to undertake these kinds of projects, as well as those who fund them, will learn from what smARTplaces has achieved. We decided that the toolkit should pose a series of critical questions about the role that digital technology plays in connecting audiences to culture. Obviously, the impact of Covid-19 on the cultural sector has made a consideration of the digital even more critical for cultural institutions. We don’t have any simple recipes for success but the toolkit does offer some insightful reflections that others may learn from.”

The research team, which includes Dr Jerome Turner, hopes to publish a book in due course, along with Professor Long, on ‘European Cultural Policy in Practice’.

Click here to download the toolkit