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The Democracy Machine!

21.09.2019 - 21.09.2019

Hosted Game Show and hands-on activity on the European Union

Join our hosted game show about the EU, share your opinion and discuss! 
Democracy is discussion, as the Democracy Machine by Adam J. Scarborough from the zkm_gameplay exhibition shows. This is how it works: Two of you compete against each other, the Democracy Machine asks you a question, within ten seconds the question has to be answered with either yes or no. You agree? Great, it continues with the next question. You don’t agree? Then you have two minutes to reach a consensus. If you can’t, the game is over. Everyone will be able to join the event by sending questions for the Democracy Machine via twitter by using the hashtag #democracymachine
Democratic participation is also the theme of our hands-on activity: Equipped with brush and paint you can design an European flag.
On the occasion of U R ART, the Democracy Machine will be set up in the ZKM foyer on the 21st of September 2019. All visitors are cordially invited to join in the discussion and experience democracy in a playful way.
The whole event will be shown in an online livestream: