• Roland Baege

Activities, U R ART

U R ART at Dortmunder U

21.09.2019 - 21.09.2019

The perfect opportunity to get to know the Dortmunder U anew

The interactive festival U R ART, on the 21st of September from 4:00 p.m. to midnight as part of the DEW21 Museum Night, offers the opportunity to take a new look at the U and experience the house in a new way. In six other museums and cultural institutions throughout Europe, a wide variety of activities and connecting elements will take place in which visitors to the Dortmunder U can participate.

Futuristic Atmosphere in the Fulldome

The new fulldome at Dortmunder U takes up futuristic atmospheres to test new formats of film and interaction. The 6-metre-wide dome, which impresses visitors with its technical features and innovations in the context of its visual presentation, is intended to provide insights into the Dortmunder U and make all topics dealt with in exhibitions and workshops accessible to our visitors. In the evening, there will also be a huge projectionmapping on the fascade of the Dortmunder U. Among other things, images of the institutions of the smARTplaces partners are made visible.

Connect the world and learn to fly

From 4:00 p.m to midnight, you have the opportunity to engage with people from different counties or just having fun on several digital stations.  Make a podcast about your farthest friend in the world or promote the inta-European exchange with a live call to one of the smARTplaces partners in Spain or the Netherlands.

Explore the world as an astronaut and control the flight with your body at the “Astronaut flight”. From 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm you can also take part in the interactive quiz at the “Cinema in the U”. Multiple-choice questions appear on the cinema screen and you can answer them on your smartphone.

Analog art at UZWEI and Museum Ostwall

“Hey MO, what about you?”, you could ask the Museum Ostwall in the Dortmunder U, because its rooms are currently being completely renovated. And just like an exhibition space changes, so does the human being. That’s why we let the museum ask back: “And, what’s going to happen to you? We put you in the spotlight and probe: “How do you see yourself? What is important to you? In the school workshop at UZWEI we offer interactive activities on these questions. Here you can measure yourself against others, put yourself in the picture and put your individual stamp on your own works of art. You can then take it home with you to mark texts and things as “made by me”.