• Liechtenstein National Museum

Steering Group Meeting

4th Steering Group Meeting at Liechtenstein National Museum

20.11.2017 - 24.11.2017

From the 20th until the 24th of November the smARTplaces Steering Groups gets together again, in the hometown of the Liechtenstein National Museum, Vaduz. The Steering Group consists of representatives from all partners, overseeing the development and implementation of creative and technical aspects of the project, and its whole life management. The semi-annual Steering Group Meeting is an important part of the communication structure of the project. Next to face-to-face meetings the Steering Group Meeting includes workshops on topics such as digital campaigning, technology and communication. This November change management, activity management, content management and the further development of the upcoming smARTplaces app are important issues.

Change management

We are currently in the phase of understanding how each institution works and what change is needed. What kind of trainings and structural changes are necessary? What are the struggles? How do we implement the developed devices and trainings? What challenges do we currently face regarding the increase of digital engagement? How do we overcome them?

Activity management

The activities have been taking place and we discover more and more the complexity of each institution und understand better the inner logic of each one. This helps us now to develop sustainable concepts of audience engagement to test and implement in each institution. Questions like: how can we find analogue and digital methods and real tools to involve the audience (different audiences related to the place)? What kind of format and activities are needed?

Content management

Since the last Steering Group Meeting at the Birmingham City University a Content Manager had joined the smARTplaces team. In setting up a digital engagement strategy for the project, it has become apparent that there are differences in how each partner handles their content and community management. How can museums maximize their impact online? How does one measure that impact? What tools can be used to identify online audiences? How can we work together most efficiently? We look forward to discussing these questions.