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Past activities

Activities, U R ART

U R ART at Dortmunder U

21.09.2019 - 21.09.2019

Keywords: Dortmunder U, U R ART

The interactive festival U R ART as part of the DEW21 Museum Night, offers the opportunity to take a new look at the U and experience the house in a new way. In six other museums and cultural institutions throughout Europe, a wide variety of activities and connecting elements will take place in which visitors to the Dortmunder U can participate.


Emerging Artists 2019

14.09.2019 - 17.11.2019

Keywords: Dortmunder U, Emerging Artists, festival, UZWEI

At Emerging Artists, aspiring artists are brought into focus and at the same time have the opportunity to network with each other and develop further.


The Art of Skate

10.05.2019 - 30.06.2019

Keywords: Dortmunder U, exhibition, skaters, The Art of Skate

The exhibits address both the history of skateboarding and the skaters’ view of their urban environment. Photographers and artists from the skateboarding scene show how it has influenced their artistic development. The aim of the exhibition is, on the one hand, to portray the multi-faceted, interdisciplinary potential of skateboarding as an art form and, on the other hand, to promote a dialogue regarding the different areas of life of skaters and non-skaters.


U R ART Family Sunday

05.05.2019 - 05.05.2019

Keywords: Dortmunder U, family, U R ART

Make a robot helmet, fly through the sky as an astronaut or record your own podcast - that's possible with the next Family Sunday in the Dortmunder U under the motto "U R ART" - you are art.



“Camping” at the Dortmunder U

23.11.2018 - 07.04.2019

Keywords: camping, Dortmunder U, exhibition, UZWEI

Camping im U is an exhibition situated on the 2nd floor of the Dortmunder U offering recovery and fun for all ages!

Innovative Citizen at the Dortmunder U


Innovative Citizen 2018 at the Dortmunder U

26.10.2018 - 28.10.2018

Keywords: Dortmunder U, festival, Innovative Citizen, technology

'Innovative Citizen - festival for a more democratic technology' will take place in in Etopia from the 24th until the 28th of September and in Dortmund from the 26th to the 28th of October 2018 and again focuses on the democratization of technology.

Student of the Media Facade Academy


III Media Facade Academy

12.03.2018 - 21.10.2018

Keywords: artists, Azkuna Zentroa, Dortmunder U, Etopia Center for Art and Technology, urban screens, workshop

Media Facade Academy is an intensive training programme aimed to artist interested in the creation of audivisual artworks for urban screens


AzPlay 2017

29.11.2017 - 03.12.2017

Keywords: Azkuna Zentroa, AzPlay, Dortmunder U, Etopia Center for Art and Technology, video ames

This year the AzPlay International Festival of Independent Games will hold its 8th edition. The Festival organised by Azkuna Zentroa continues with its bet on videogames as an ever more important cultural and industrial phenomenon for yet another year.

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