Track 2: Belonging

05.03.2020 - 05.02.2020

How can digital help us become more present in our cities?

As our towns and cities change, how can digital help cultural institutions become more relevant to their citizens? In this track we hear from speakers who are on the frontline of creating unique physical-digital experiences. These include – organising a flashmob in Stockholm, a festival in Bangalore and an exhibition about the high street in Schiedam.


Moa Beskow
Ethnologist, Stockholms länsmuseum

Moa Beskow is the project manager of “The Place Workshop” at the County Museum of Stockholm, where she works with the bottom up oral history project, collecting everyday stories and memories from the citizens. She holds an MA in ethnology, specialized in city planning and urban heritage and proposes for an open-minded way to embrace and include people and cultural diversity in planning and power practices. She is one of the authors in a book discussing “Stockholm as a Commodity” (2016) and she has also been doing some work on citizens engagement in much-disputed rebuilding projects in Stockholm.

Archana Prasad
Founder, Jaaga

Archana Prasad has been actively engaged with community and participatory art practices for more than a decade. She engages public awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through Bengaluru Fantastic, a Tech-Art Biennial in Public Space founded by her in 2017. With, she looks at taking her interest to foster creative collaborations by leveraging AI technologies as an early stage startup. Archana is the Founder of Jaaga, an organisation started in 2009 that builds collaborative communities to solve today’s big challenges.  She spent close to three years till late 2007 as a Design Researcher at Microsoft Research India.

Merel van der Vaart
City History Curator, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Merel van der Vaart is city history curator at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (city museum of Schiedam). Over the past 10 years, she has worked with a number of museums across Europe on projects that build bridges between collections and people. Merel prefers to use digital as one of many tools to explore and create relevance, participation, radical trust and knowledge sharing. Two important projects she is involved with at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is the revaluation of the museum’s historic collections and the online representation of these collections, in collaboration with the city’s inhabitants.


Barbara Epalza
Marketing Manager, Azkuna Zentroa

Barbara Epalza is marketing manager in Azkuna Zentroa, the Centre for Society and Contemporary Culture of Bilbao where she experiences the change of the city thanks to the power of transformation of the culture.  The Project of Azkuna Zentroa is diverse and inclusive with the artist as catalyst.

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