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  • © Jens Sundheim

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“Camping” at the Dortmunder U

23.11.2018 - 07.04.2019

Experience the countryside with singing birds and chirping grasshoppers at the UZWEI in the Dortmunder U!


Camping meets culture. No – camping is culture… and switching off a fine art.

Our 350m² camping space at the beautiful Dortmunder U is picturesquely situated on the second floor and offers relaxation and fun for everybody. Although our space is conveniently situated close to the city and is easy to access with public transportation, guests can expect peace and quiet as well as a year-round mild and comfortable climate for short and longer stays. Trips to the near-by floors of the U offer unique cultural experiences.

Look around, hang out, be yourself

Set in a creative environment with a mixture of nature-like areas and modern playgrounds and sports facilities, our campsite at the U is the ideal space for relaxing or active free time activities – just as you like.

Enjoy your free time with friends, family, colleagues, or on your own. Sitting areas, hammocks and tents are provided. The entrance is of course free of charge.

Listen, relax, have a chat

Stroll down memory lane together, plan your future, or just wind down after a strenuous day – sitting around our beautiful bonfire on the campsite at the U. From time to time, there will be music, readings, maybe even lectures or game nights by the campfire. We are happy to conduct guided tours through the premises with school classes, children and youth groups. Please feel free to contact us.

“Camping” is a collaboration between Dortmunder U and Azkuna Zentroa. It is the continuation of the popular gaming festival AzPlay as an interactive exhibition, which brings together the natural aspects of a campingsite with an approach of digital gamification.

(Concept + Idea: Dirk Mempel + Jens Neubert)