Panel | What it is to be young. Culture and participation with teenagers

14.03.2019 - 14.02.2019

Mechthild Eickhoff is head of UZWEI_cultural education at Dortmunder U since 2013. UZWEI is one of six partners under the roof of a centre for art and creativity called Dortmunder U – the former Union brewery. The UZWEI as an independent level of the institution is dedicated to the creative work with children and youth in the field of film, photography and gaming and has an exhibition space as well. Before working at Dortmunder U she was leading the so called “Cluster Cultural Education” at Stiftung Mercator – a private foundation for 1,5 years. From 2001 to 2011 her work at the Federal association of art schools in Germany (bjke) aimed at the development of art schools and their political as well as institutional support and qualification all over Germany. As a cultural mediator herself (studies in the city of Hildesheim/North GER) she started her vocational career at the socio cultural centre WerkStadt Witten in 1997. She is now living in the Ruhr-Area / Midwest Germany for about 20 years.


Carlos Granados del Valle is an artist, carpenter and educator. He coordinates the youth programme at CA2M, Espacio Mutante, he thinks from the practice and tries to link his artistic practices with the educative ones.

A museum is a space subtended by rules and regulations. We know what we can and cannot do and how we must behave because we have been told so many times: do not touch, be silent, do not run, pay attention… it seems as if a museum is a place to remain still and observe in silence. We wish to rethink those rules and to question all accepted givens. We believe in other possible forms of interacting with the museum as a space of bodies in motion where one can work through action and share interests and experiences.

Throughout these years we have consolidated a space open to creation, where, every week, young people can create and share contents, engage with contemporary creation and with artists and creators. It is an experimental project exploring new ways of learning through making; and an open platform for creating and sharing contents and experimenting with new creative strategies through a wide range of workshops.

Ana Quintana is Director of Programs and Contents at the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation since 2016. She is in charge of the Etopia Kids program. Ana holds a degree in Social Work and Social and Cultural Anthropology, an MA in Cultural Heritage Management, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Mediation and Facilitation.

Etopia_Kids is a project of the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and Ibercaja Foundation, in partnership with the Zaragoza City Council and the CESAR Labs at Etopia Art & Tech Center.
The program is aimed at learning and experimentation with creative open source technologies for children aged between 6 and 18. The program started in 2013 with an Urban Summer Colony,and has continued growing: under its similar brand, new spin offs arise such as the Etopia_Kids Family program takes place throughout the whole year, including activities and workshops designed for families; or the DIWOK Lab, a collaborative workspace for teens aged between 13 and 18.

The main project goal is the techno-scientific learning process via game and experimentation with creative technologies (robotics, programming, basic electronics with Arduino …) and image and communication technologies, in order to discover new skills and to nurture children creativity.