Dance and New Media Lab 2017

22.06.2017 - 22.06.2017

Dance and New Media Lab is a project designed to gather artists and researchers by bringing together dance and different technologies. A co-operation project between Etopia Center for Art & Technology, the contemporary dance festival Trayectos and University de Zaragoza, the main scope of this lab is the experimentation in choreographic creation using cutting-edge technology.

Dance and New Media Lab 2017 bring four brand new proposals, whose results will be presented on June 22nd in the occasion of a special Trayectos Dance festival event held in Etopia. Four performances will include the creations shaped in the lab within four research lines: micropieces in immersive 360º format, dance and robotics, dance and motion capture elements, dance and Media Façade.

The project aims to gather local and international dancers and coreographers with students and researchers from several disciplines, to make creation and dance embrace technology research, generating new, richer experiences in mixed territories.

Dance in 360º

Dance and New Media Lab show will begin with a screening of the micropieces of dance that during the past months have been developed or adapted for video 360º. Different local companies – LaMov, Circle of Trust, Tarde o Temprano Danza, Elia Lozano y José Javier Pedrosa, Alodeyá and D’Click – perform their choreographies for a 360º camera operated by Eduardo Lostal in different spaces of the city of Zaragoza.

Dance and body capture technologies > Pulse

This research process has been focused in the field of electronics and body-image-movement interactions. The screening will be synchronized with accelerometers placed in the body of the dancers, so the movements control the scenography for the piece. Synopsis: Three pulses, three nothings, three everything. Our pulse cannot be seen, is personal, intimate, non-transferrable… but sometimes, only sometimes, we let somebody else in it. Their pulse and our pulse will merge in a vital pulse, special, different, a glimmer that expands.
Choreography and performers: Tarde o Temprano Danza – Marta Aso, Vanesa Pérez – (Zaragoza) y Kenji Matsuyama Ribeiro (Japón/Portugal).

New Media Technicians: School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Zaragoza (Juan Carlos Chamorro, TFG Industrial Engineering student), Jorge Cáncer y César Guayara (Students of Master of Informatics Engineering) With the students of the Degree in Electronic Engineering from EINA, University of Zaragoza, and the support of their tutors Chema López, Roberto Casas y Tomás Gómez.
With the participation of Affective Lab (Eva Cerezo, Javier Marco y Belén Cebrián) within JUGUEMOS research group (Pervasive games based on multimodal emotional interfaces and social agents) of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.
With the guidance of Manuel G. Bedia and the research group of GIGA Advanced Computer Graphics Group in the Department of Informatics and Systems Engineering of the University of Zaragoza and ISAAC (Interdisciplinary Studies in Adaptivity, Autonomy and Cognition). Choreographic Support: B.Dance (Taiwan). Music: Retro Futurism. Author Kitchen.

Dance and Robotics > I Know What You Are But Who Am I?

Synopsis: Every human creation is a projection of us, although sometimes is difficult to recognise ourselves in the result. How much from our own selves is in a tiny robot? And how much of it is in ourselves? Choreographers and performers Laura Val and Raquel Buil (Tarde o Temprano Danza), with the choreographic support of Taiwanese company B.Dance and he technical-artistic collaboration Eduardo Lostal, have been working in the creation choreography that involves a robot, together with students from Engineering and Architecture School at University of Zaragoza: Paula Abad and Rosa Castillón (Electronic engineers) and Miguel Franco (Design engineer) with the support of their tutors (A. Cristina Murillo, Luis Riazuelo, Jorge Sierra and Luis Montano).
Music: I Know What You Are But Who Am I? Author: Mogwai

Dance and Media Façade

New media artist Nestor Lizalde and performers Cia D’Click and Victoria P. Miranda present a piece in which the dancers movements have a visual repercussion in the media facade of Etopia centre For Art and Technology.