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Dance and New Media Lab 2018

28.06.2018 - 28.06.2018

Dance and New Media Lab is a project designed to gather artists and researchers by bringing together dance and different technologies.

About Dance and New Media Lab

A co-operation project between Etopia Center for Art & Technology, the contemporary dance festival Trayectos and University de Zaragoza, the lab is conceived as a space for the experimentation in choreographic creation using technology and an opportunity for multidisciplinary encounter.

A work-in-progress from which multiple learning experiences and synergies arise; experiences that are shared with the public as part of Trayectos festival. The presentation of Dance and New Media Lab 2018 premiers the 28th of June, at 20h.

Local artists, students, teachers, researchers and designers participate in Dance and New Media Lab to explore the relationship between technology, body and movement.

2018 edition

For its 2018 edition, the starting point of the lab is to understand reality as a complex system of regulatory structures that control the relationship between bodies. From a gender perspective, the works reflect on concepts such as normativity or standardization, with choreographic strategies as repetition, heaping or accumulation.

The proposal incorporates a Danced Conference, a Drone (Elios Flyavility), interactive costumes (Arduino Electronics) and the participation of the dancers Laura Val, Yeinner Chicas, Raquel Buil and Iván Benito.

The technical team is formed by Joan Cano, Sonia Moushine, Yamir Moreno, Sandra Lanuza and Festival Trayectos and Alba Lorca in the artistic coordination.


Choreographic coordination: Alba Lorca.

Theorical support: Victoria Pérez Royo, Elvira Burgos y Arantxa Enríquez. Universidad de Zaragoza, Facultad de Filosofía.

Music: Sandra Lanuza.

Videoconference dancer: Laura Val.

Theorical contents for the danced conference: Alberto Aleta y Carlos Gracia.

Vídeo DJ: Yaguar.

Dron dancers: Yeinner Chicas, Iván Benito y Raquel Buil.

Dron driver: Joan Cano – Tecnitop SL.

Interactive costmes dancers: Laura Val, Yeinner Chicas, Iván Benito y Raquel Buil.

Design and dressmaking for interactive costumes: Andrés Jarabo.

Electronic design for interactive costumes: Sonia Mouhsine. Electronic and Automatic Engineer student. TFG Grado en Ingeniería Electrónica y Automática.

Electronic and Automatic Engineer department tutor: Chema López.