Gutun Zuria

25.04.2017 - 01.05.2017

In this 10th edition of the festival, renowned contemporary literary figures have taken part, such as Salman Rushdie, Chuck Palahniuk, John Verdon, Herta Müller and Gao Xingjian.

More than a hundred writers have attended this event to share their experiences with the public. Leading international literary figures – including Nobel Prize winners – plus representatives of Basque writing and literary journalists have all joined us and enriched the event. It’s not just words which have been in the spotlight – music, cinema and performing arts have played and continue to play a leading role in this Festival.

Three important actions have taken place: ‘The time of the reader’, a good opportunity for readers to meet closely their favorite writer with a cup of wine. A Participative Artistic Installation: Mediation Art collectives created an artistic installation to involve all audiences, inviting them to fill 5.000 notebooks, where we stuck on light on their thoughts. We launched too, with smARTplaces support, on our YouTube channel all the writers’ conversations translated to Spanish, Basque and English on streaming.