Gutun Zuria 2019

02.04.2019 - 06.04.2019

Azkuna Zentroa holds a new edition of Gutun Zuria, the Bilbao International Literature Festival, from the 2nd to the 6th of April.

Public program

The event has been renewed to open up to new kinds of public and other formats. In addition to the conversations with international and local writers, there is an entire public programme of activities, which turn Gutun Zuria into a literature festival expanding towards the creation and outreach of new languages.

The word takes shape via artistic practices, music, audiovisual or education. Artistic experiences suggest complicity with artists of different disciplines contributing value and enriching this event, where you are invited to share, converse, discuss, learn and leave your mark on literature.

If my library burnt tonight

All the foregoing is implicit in the title of this year’s Gutun Zuria: ‘If my library burnt tonight. The art of narrating art’. The first part is inspired by Aldous Huxley’s essay which reflects on how burning a library is a useless act since books can be read or owned again. The second alludes to a text by the poet José Lezama Lima on verbal art.

Never Real / Always True

As a preamble to the Festival and extension thereof, on the 14th of March Azkuna Zentroa inaugurates the exhibition ‘Never Real / Always True‘ produced by the Centre itself. This exhibition curated by Iván de la Nuez, essayist, art critic and curator, dialogues about many of the concepts we will be going over at Gutun Zuria through the work of 13 artists who move between both worlds and whose works naturally treat art as a literary genre and literature as an exhibition project.