Innovative Citizen 2018 at Etopia

24.09.2018 - 28.09.2018

From the 24th until the 28th of September, Etopia hosts Innovative Citizen. A festival of workshops and participatory activities that celebrate Maker Culture, DIY and sustainability. The festival adapts the concept of the Innovative Citizen festival that has been held since 2014 at the Dortmunder U, the Center for Art and Creativity in Dortmund.

For five days, Etopia will be the center of accessible and fun activities to learn about technology, design and arts and crafts. Techniques that helps us to contribute to the goal of making our cities more sustainable.

Local initiatives will develop workshops structured in three different themes: The Food Cycle, The DIY City and Creative Up-cycling. The program opens with the screening of the documentary “Experimenta Distrito, muchas formas de hacer un barrio” about an innovative citizen initiative promoted in the city of Madrid. The Innovative Citizen Party! provides a festive closure to an intense week of workshops.

The Food Cycle

Three workshops in wich we will learn different techniques can help us to make the consumption of fresh food more sustainable. From an environmental perspective, the workshops approach to conservation techniques, cooking and composting.

The DIY City

Driven by the Open Urban Lab and CESAR Laboratories in Etopia, these workshops explore the city from different perspectives. We will revitalize an urban space with recycled textile materials. A DIY Bio Lab session will teach us how to assess the effect of domestic chemical products. We will also explore the surroundings of Etopia with digital sensors and, from the data, we will co-create energy and comfort solutions. And we will learn how to control our electric consumption with DIY electronic kits.


A cycle of workshops in which we will learn to convert garments aimed to the recycling bin into fashion complements. We will install a local developed version of Linux in our old computers to give them a new life – and to make more efficient the new ones.  And we will use recycling as a way to play in our Party!.