Isabel Cébrian

With a background in journalism, Isabel works as a copywriter and Cultural Manager. This includes collaborations with the private, public and voluntary sector to develop digital content and communication strategies.

Since 2014, she’s organised cultural activities in Zaragoza. This includes a program to promote critical reading at the Social Center and Bookshop La Pantera Rossa, and the collective curation of Chavalas ZINE – an exhibition of fanzines made by women (Biblioteca Cubit, Zaragoza, 2014).

Since 2016, Isabel has collaborated with Etopia Center for Art and Technology and the smARTplaces project to produce projects such as Piloto Rojo, a cycle of monthly meetings with creators at the intersection of analog and digital; the Dance and New Media Lab and CONECTA – the second smARTplaces conference on audiences and mediation.


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