IV Media Facade Academy: Broadcasting Sessions

02.05.2019 - 30.06.2019

Etopia Center for Art & Tech will broadcast, during May and June, the works created by the participants of the IV Media Facade Academy. During the fourth edition of this programme, an intensive training program designed for artists, professionals and students from Spain interested in the skills, abilities and the framework needed to operate Etopia’s media facade, the artists received mentoring from Néstor Lizalde and masterclassed Raquel Meyers, Hj Darger (Blanca Martínez), and María Blasco.

Now this artists will present their works in this impressive artistic media display, and from down to dust, visitors and citizens will enjoy them as a piece of the urban landscape of Zaragoza and as part of the comprehensive artistic programme of Etopia.

The IV Media Facade Academy is organized by Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and Zaragoza City Council and is part of smARTplaces.


Jesús Abarquero / Eat Fat
Rocío Agudo / El espejo
Miguel Ángel Pérez / Fuego fatuo
José Inerzia / Make humans great again (
Sergio Monje / La pregunta más importante


Eloisse Louisse / Habitación 36
Eloisse Louisse / Doble
Rubén Calzada / Goddesses of Olympus
Txo / Rayas verticales sobre campo de pÌxeles
Camile Duhart / Transnoforma
Marina E. Almenzar / Ruido