Keynote | Intervention: mediation, territory and challenges for the future

14.03.2019 - 14.03.2019

In his presentation, François Lajuzanwill focus on the return of the notion of artistic and cultural mediation in public policies, according to new approaches and new practices. From the ‘non-public’ theory to the multicultural approach, the different ideas on the subject are confronted with reality and must take into account certain major aspects in the evolution of our societies, such as citizen participation, the emergence of digital, and others.

According to his observation that mediation, “we talk about it a lot but we do not do much at all”, F. Lajuzan will illustrate his offer with many concrete examples from his experience in Tournefeuille and Toulouse.

About François Lajuzan

François Lajuzan is the Director General of Culture in Toulouse (City and Metropolis). He was previously Director of Culture in Tournefeuille, and at the Federation Leo Lagrange Midi-Pyrenees. Holder of a Master 2 in ‘Cultural Development’, his fields of predilection are territorial cultural development as well as artistic and cultural mediation. Initiator of many international projects, including several Interreg (European Territorial Cooperation) with Spanish cities, he promotes the synthesis between art, territory and population, and openness to the world.

He is the author of several articles and books on cultural policies, including the coordination of ‘The artistic and cultural mediation, new issues, new practices’ (Weka editions) and ‘Culture in school rhythms’ (Territorial editions).