SMARTPLACES conference recap: Track 1 – Identity

15.05.2020 by Hester Gersonius

Keywords: conference, Dortmunder U, recap

In this track we heard from Andrea Geipel, Inés Delgado and Sharna Jackson who are using digital to become more accessible to audiences.

SMARTPLACES conference recap: a hotspot for innovative thinkers, global reflections and strong connections 

15.05.2020 by Hester Gersonius

Keywords: conference, digital, recap

Digitality meets culture. On the 5th of March the Dortmunder U was a hotspot of the international cultural and creative scene, bringing

“As a European project, we had a responsibility to be a platform for diverse voices and experiences.”

09.04.2020 by Hester Gersonius

Keywords: conference, interview, recap

On the 5th of March, the SMARTPLACES conference took place at the Dortmunder U. This edition was curated and organized by dream team

“Young people have a lot to offer, and Etopia can create spaces for them”

09.01.2020 by Isabel Cebrián

Keywords: Etopia Center for Art and Technology, interview, recap, U R ART

As part of U R ART on the 21st of September 2019, the event held by the museums and art centers that make up the smARTplaces collective,

The Faces of smARTplaces: Dr. Paul Long and Dr. Jerome Turner

06.12.2019 by Hester Gersonius

Keywords: Birmingham City University, Jerome Turner, Paul Long, video

In the web series The Faces of smARTplaces we introduce you to the people who are part of this special project. During the Steering