How well do you know your audiences?

10.07.2018 by Jerome Turner

Whilst smARTplaces is a project about the impact of ‘digital’ in the cultural sector, we have also been interested, in our research,

Ika Szope at smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture

Ika Szope on the first smARTplaces conference: “What at first was the biggest challenge also turned out to be the biggest success.”

26.04.2018 by Hester Gersonius

Keywords: audience development, conference, innovation, recap, ZKM Center for Art and Media

On the 1st and 2nd of March smARTplaces partner ZKM Center for Art and Media hosted the first smARTplaces conference: smARTplaces |

The Sun Screen at Azkuna Zentroa

III Media Facade Academy at Azkuna Zentroa

17.04.2018 by Maite Arza

Keywords: Azkuna Zentroa, Philip Stark, Sun Screen

The third edition of the Media Facade Academy at Etopia Center for Art and Media is joined by smARTplaces partners Azkuna Zentroa

BCU Research team at INNOVATION in Culture

13.04.2018 by Jerome Turner

Keywords: BCU, conference, recap, workshop, ZKM

In March I attended the smARTplaces conference, Innovation in Culture. This was a great opportunity to be part of wider dissemination

Daniel Neugebauer

The Faces of smARTplaces: Daniel Neugebauer

05.04.2018 by Hester Gersonius

Keywords: change management, Daniel Neugebauer, Van Abbemuseum, video

In the web series The Faces of smARTplaces we introduce you to the people who are part of this special project. Daniel Neugebauer