Panel | Connecting with audiences: experiences from European Projects

Sonia Sin Villanova has been working in culture the last sixteen years, she is Head of Communication and Sponsorship at Zaragoza Cultural, a public enterprise of Zaragoza City Council. She coordinates the work with the audience, manages the data and promotes the tools for transforming the organization and design the strategy to change. At the beginning, she started working on Audience Development due to her participation in Adeste Project at the Deusto University in 2014 and now is the Zaragoza Cultural Project Manager in Adeste+.

Her biggest challenge is to adapt the successful Audience Development Plan (ADP) done in the Auditorium (classical concerts) to the community culture programmes that Zaragoza City Council is supporting. In this sense, she firmly believes that the Administration responsibility is to democratise culture and to make culture more democratic. This process is complicated, but also passionate and is being done through the analytical strategy.

In this role, she is in charge of establishing and overseeing an analytics program to work with the public in the cultural sector of the city. These include email marketing, social media channels, marketing Intelligence and CRM, traditional advertising, and educational multimedia, both online and offline.


Laure Dalon is a graduate of the National School of Charters and the National Institute of Heritage. Curator in charge of Beaux-Arts collections of Amiens museums – paintings, sculptures and drawings from the 16th to the 19th century – between 2009 and 2012, she was then assistant to the scientific director of the Meeting of National Museums – Grand Palais between 2012 and 2016. Since February 1, 2017, she is director of Amiens museums.


Britta Lerch  has a degree in Communication and Marketing from WAM Dortmund, Germany. Part-time studies in Social and Organisational Psychology at Fern-Universität Hagen, Germany. Between 2004 and 2016 Britta Lerch worked in communication agencies, last as head of concept & strategy development, as well as a freelance strategic advisor and concept developer for commercial brands and cultural institutions on a national and international level. Since 2016 she is the overall project coordinator for smARTplaces (involved since 2013) at Dortmunder U. Focuses: strategic planning and concept development with a focus on integrated communication and marketing, intercultural project management.


Juan Pradas. A sociologist by training, Juan joined the Etopia team at the Zaragoza City council a decade ago. Previously he worked in several EU projects, he was a University researcher, and participated in different city planning projects and studies.

Juan is in charge of creating contents and developing projects, such as smARTpaces, as well as organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and other training activities for the Etopia project. Currently, his daily focus of activity are linked to: citizen-oriented programs in Art and Technology; the role of communities and groups in IT and culture; new tools to reinforce the Open Source perspective in these fields; and fostering creative industries-based entrepreneurs in two municipal incubators led by Etopia (La Terminal and CIEM Zaragoza)

Juan is strongly convinced that all these topics reinforce the identity of the city, playing a key role within an active art and creativity city strategy, to provide a better quality of life for citizens, and an enhanced creative environment with new opportunities for entrepreneurs.