• The team at Las Armas urban gardening space

  • Laminar Flowbox Workshop with Julia Krayer

  • Kiu team interviews Etopia colaborator

Recap: in the pursuit of innovative citizens

12.12.2017 by Isabel Cebrián

Keywords: Dortmunder U, Etopia Center for Art and Technology, Innovative Citizen, joint activity, maker culture, recap, sustainability

Who are innovative citizens? What makes an innovative city? With these questions in mind, a team from the Dortmunder U came to Etopia Center for Art and Technology in Zaragoza on the 13th of November 2017. They came to film a documentary on the collaboration with Innovative Citizen, a festival about maker culture, do it yourself practices and sustainability. The festival, launched in Dortmund in 2014, took place in Zaragoza this November as a joint activity within smARTplaces.

Although the team was welcomed by the cold cierzo wind, they went home with a cozy, welcoming city full of warm projects in mind. For example, a plot turned into an urban garden in the Estonoesunsolar at Las Armas street that Seve and the gardeners from El Gancho kindly showed us. Or initiatives like Asalto Festival – thank you Luis and Alfredo for opening us the doors of your studio – and the women at Harinera ZGZ space and the collective Llámalo H that Mercy represented.

Two busy days

Back at Etopia, we had prepared two busy days. The team witnessed smARTplaces work meetings, filmed classrooms full of people attending Innovative Citizen workshops – such as mushroom growing workshop with Mamotok – but also a workshop for digital activists or the first session of the IoT School. They toured through the center, that was full of activities in November: artistic projects (Inesperadxs), musical projects (with FUGA and the resident Justo Bagüeste), New Media art production, urban landscape or Bio DIY researches.

Precisely in this field works Julia Krayer, an artist and designer interested in ‘do it yourself’ lab materials who gave a workshop on the construction of laminar flow boxes. Cristina Hernández, researcher at Bifi, who works in the same line with its project Micromascotas, assisted her and exchanged ideas and materials. A first example of the synergies that are yet to come in the next edition of the festival. We are already working on Innovative Citizen 2018 that will take place – hopefully in a warmer season – at the beginning of next autumn.