The exploratory and experimental nature of the smARTplaces project is informed by our research partner, Birmingham City University. Based at the University’s Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research (BCMCR) Professor Paul Long and Dr Jerome Turner draw on their expertise of the arts and cultural sector and digital media to provide insight and recommendations. They also take on the role of project evaluators via the research centre’s Monitoring and Evaluation Lab, working in parallel with project partners to investigate and identify the transformative potential of audiences that take into account both digital and physical audiences, and where they might meet.  

    Paul at ZKM  Jerome at ZKM

    Paul Long and Jerome Turner speaking at the smARTplaces Innovation in Culture conference, 2018

    One approach of this research is a desire to hear from voices beyond the project partners, to inform a new smARTplaces Manifesto towards a better understanding of the potential for digital, and perhaps all, forms of engagement in the museum and cultural sectors of Europe. With this in mind, we would really like to hear from representatives of European arts and cultural institutions, including museums and galleries. Email Paul or Jerome using the details on this page.