Summer at the U

01.06.2017 - 31.08.2017

With the help of numerous local partners (and a few guests from abroad) Summer at the U will offer a varied programme of events on the Leonie-Reygers terrace in front of the Dortmunder U. The now well-established Palette Garden designed by Urbanisten and Sabine Gorski will again serve as a venue for events crossing the lines between literature, art, do-it-yourself and rock’n’roll. An extensive series of events and performances awaits visitors in a setting of gently swinging palm trees and hanging gardens. The palette landscape and seating islands will be forming a U-shaped pattern creatively combining the herbal garden, the stage and the green dance floor.

The 2017 programme boasts several innovations. Starting from the idea that you should always try to keep an open mind and that the Ruhr area is really just a different kind of megacity, Dortmund will be hosting monthly visits by key players from surrounding cities. This year, Vacation Records from Wuppertal, Kalakuta Records from Bochum and Kunterbunt Soundsystem from Münster will join us to show how people celebrate in their hoods. Talking of which: Another newbie this year will be the increased use of Saturdays to shake the U to its foundations. With a wide musical scope and often international guests, our Saturday programme spans from punk rock at the Indie Exploitet Festival by the Tapir boys to folk, reggae and electronic music, so there’s something for everybody. This year’s electronic sounds are courtesy All the Time, who will team up with Museum Ostwall to make Tina Tonagel’s electronic marble houses spin across the forecourt. Another highlight will be the Urban Art Festival by DINGS e. V., in which, thanks to the kind support of DEW21, known graffitic artists will create three pyramids on the forecourt of the Dortmunder U. Their artworks will remain in place for the rest of summer and will subsequently be auctioned off for a good cause. There will also be plenty of media art at the UZWEI’s Feedback Festival, which offers a stage to young talents.

Some things will however return. Our young hotspurs will still be attending mostly on Thursdays, while Sundays will be oozing with jazzy notes and cosiness. Rekorder will once again bring popular formats such as “Wonne oder Tonne” or “Vinylstammtisch” to the U. Rockaway Beat will leave the port and have bands with shiploads of handmade music in tow. Poser, Prollos und Poeten and Weitwinkel Library as well as the audience’s favorite Poetry in the Box will ensure literary diversity. Dortmund Calling is launching the DEW21 Band Contest, while Murat Kayi will let it rip a whole weekend with the Streetdust Festival, presented by DEW21. On Sundays, Ekamina or ProJazz e. V. will take over and round off the weekend with wonderful melodies and tasteful DJ sets.

Get off the couch and into the summer at the U