• © Roland Baege

  • © Roland Baege

The Art of Skate connects skaters in Europe

30.08.2018 by Jannis Kötting

Keywords: Dortmunder U, Europe, skate, skaters

What does skateboarding mean today? In this unique project  the Dortmunder U and Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao work with the skateboard community in their cities.

It is tempting to describe the skateboarders as a niche tribe, which can result in the stereotypical “Us versus Them” comparisons. Whilst it is distinct community, it is also represented by a multi-billion Euro industry and has strongly influenced popular culture as music, fashion and film.

Our approach

Our collaboration is not just an effort to showcase the considerable skills of this community.  This project is about the intangible – feelings, ideas and emotions. It is an attempt to understand our relationship with the built environment. For example, we hope to convey the haptic feeling of skating by creating multi-sensory environments.

The art of skating has been around for decades. The early pioneers are now adults and there are several generations of skaters. Like all cultures, this means, the skater community is continually evolving. We intend to showcase this transition by co-producing an exhibition on the design and aesthetic.

At the moment, we are developing our programme and our wish list includes city-tours through the eyes of a seasoned skater, lectures and interactive workshops as well as the possible use of VR.

Would you like to have a say or just be informed of this project? Drop us a line!