#TheWorkofArt. 5th edition hosted by Etopia

13.03.2019 - 13.03.2019

#TheWorkofArt. Live Dialogues is a series of eight live conversations in which we discuss and reflect on the labour of art with different participants. The fifth will be hosted by Etopia Center for Art and Technology (Zaragoza, Spain) on 13th of February at 6.30 pm CET.

Livestream from Etopia

Cultural institutions increasingly consider how to eliminate barriers and extend accessibility to a specific cultural practice. From this premise, the projects carried out need to considered the public as part of the artistic act and not as mere visitors; and ask themselves how to connect and interact with the public so that they can discover and be part of the creation processes.

In this edition of #TheWorkofArt, as a prelude to the second smARTplaces conference, we want to answer mainly one question: how does an art center connect its production with its audiences? For this, we will have Betisa Ojanguren, part of the collective in charge of the direction of Centro Huarte in Pamplona.


Betisa Ojanguren (Centro Huarte, Pamplona)

Betisa Ojanguren is one of the co-directors of the Huarte Contemporary Art Center.
Centro Huarte is a space for artistic production, experimentation and research, also managed by a collegiate management. With a transversally feminist and vindicating perspective of the periphery and the local, this space intends to be a place inhabited by the artistic community, in such a way that the production is not only understood as the creation of works, but also as the generation of knowledge, relationships, affections, etc.

Ultimately, the idea is for the center to develop processes that deepen the great diversity of contemporary artistic practices, understanding their connection with the geographical, social, political and economic context. Thus, collaboration, sharing, joint decision making and participation are proposed as strategies to achieve an interaction with the environment and a fluid dialogue in the community.

Some of its programs such as Habitación and Aperitifak generate spaces where artists show their work processes, interests or impulses in a relaxed atmosphere to the public.

Moderator: Santiago Latorre (FUGA, Etopia, Zaragoza)

Santiago Latorre is a musician, producer and sound engineer. Since 2015, he is the artistic director of FUGA, an artistic residencies program, exhibition platform and educational content incubator that nurtures a community of artists, technologists and public in Zaragoza.

The project, developed by Born! Music with the support of Etopia and Zaragoza Cultural has the Etopia Sound Laboratory as the base of operations, and since 2015 it has hosted a dozen resident artists, Spanish and international, and has developed a program of public activities to open the process of creation to the city.

About #TheWorkofArt

From February 2018 untill May 2020, all smARTplaces partners will host – in triennial frequency – one of these sessions, consisting of a Q&A simulcast on Facebook Live, where the public will be able to virtually attend and participate in connecting, interacting and discovering art professions and all what happens behind the scenes of art.

The aim of these dialogues is to offer online museum visitors not only the opportunity to know more about the cultural content the museum is offering, but also the processes and contexts behind them. It gives us the opportunity to share the creative processes, often covered by the final results, alongside the wide range of required knowledge, experiences, profiles and professions needed to carry out these activities: artists, curators, editors, designers, art handlers, art educators, sound technicians, etc.

The next edition of #TheWorkofArt will be hosted by Birmingham City University.