#TheWorkofArt. 3rd edition hosted by Oulu University of Applied Sciences

24.08.2018 - 24.08.2018

#TheWorkofArt. Live Dialogues is a series of eight live conversations in which we discuss and reflect on the labour of art with different participants.

Livestream from OMA, Oulu Museum of Art

‘Hacking the Dance’ is hosted by Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu, Finland) and moderated by Tanja Råman and John Collingswood from Taikabox. ‘Hacking the Dance’ is arranged as a final culmination of Oulu Dance Hack 2018, after three days of hard work. The event brings to the stage the participants of the hack after their fresh performances in OMA – Oulu Museum of Art.

Oulu Dance Hack is organised by TaikaBox and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) to bring together art, industry and education in a unique way. Artists travel from all over the world to spend a week in Northern Finland, creating together new works that integrate dance and technology. Local industries contribute their products to the project, giving artists unique opportunities to work with new technologies and adapt them to a performance context.

The teams are augmented by dance and media students from OAMK, who work alongside professional artists, gaining valuable experience.

Oulu Dance Hack 18:


TaikaBox, based in Oulu, Finland was founded in Wales in 2010 by choreographer/dancer Tanja Råman and digital artist/designer John Collingswood. The company’s name is taken from the Finnish word: ‘Taika’ means ‘magical’ or ‘enchanted’.

Tanja and John’s long-term collaboration has resulted in the creation of a variety of works including performances, installations, films and art works that have toured internationally.

About #TheWorkofArt

From February 2018 untill May 2020, all smARTplaces partners will host – in triennial frequency – one of these sessions, consisting of a Q&A on Facebook Live, where the public will be able to virtually attend and participate in connecting, interacting and discovering art professions and all what happens behind the scenes of art.

The aim of these dialogues is to offer online museum visitors  the opportunity to know more about working in the art world. It gives us the opportunity to share the creative processes, which is often covered by the final results, alongside the wide range of required knowledge, experiences, profiles and professions needed to carry out these activities: artists, curators, editors, designers, art handlers, art educators, sound technicians, etc.

Previous editions of #TheWorkofArt:

The next edition of #TheWorkofArt will be hosted by the Dortmunder U