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#TheWorkofArt. 6th edition hosted by Birmingham City University

21.06.2019 - 21.06.2019

The 6th edition of #TheWorkofArt is hosted by Birmingham City University on the 22nd of June 2019.

Birmingham City University

The Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research (BCMCR) was established in 2009 by Birmingham City University (BCU) to develop excellent research as a core activity within the Birmingham School of Media, a part of the Faculty of Art, Design and Media.

Activity in the BCMCR is based around the collaborative work of four research teams: Popular Music Studies; Cultural Ecologies; History, Heritage and Archives, Cult, Gender and Sexuality and Journalism, Activism and Community.  BCMCR aims to produce distinctive, collaborative work within the field of media and cultural research. Individual researchers who study hyperlocal media, creative industries, radio, music and interactive media, media and cultural history, screen media, journalism and media activism explore questions related to three principal themes: cultural practice and identity; technology and change; production, regulation and enterprise.

BCMCR’s role in smARTplaces is to provide research and evaluation of the project.

About #TheWorkofArt

From February 2018 untill May 2020, all smARTplaces partners will host – in triennial frequency – one of these sessions, consisting of a Q&A simulcast on Facebook Live, where the public will be able to virtually attend and participate in connecting, interacting and discovering art professions and all what happens behind the scenes of art.

The aim of these dialogues is to offer online museum visitors not only the opportunity to know more about the cultural content the museum is offering, but also the processes and contexts behind them. It gives us the opportunity to share the creative processes, often covered by the final results, alongside the wide range of required knowledge, experiences, profiles and professions needed to carry out these activities: artists, curators, editors, designers, art handlers, art educators, sound technicians, etc.