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U R ART at Dortmunder U was a huge sucess

19.10.2019 by Jannis Kötting

Keywords: Dortmunder U, recap, U R ART

The interactive festival U R ART, on the 21st of September from 4:00 p.m. to midnight as part of the DEW21 Museum Night, was a huge sucess. Over 3500 visitors made their way to the Dortmunder U and enjoyed an interactive programm.

Fascinating mapping and lots of digital visitors

In the new fulldome at the Dortmunder U they took up futuristic atmospheres and tested new formats of film and interaction. The 6-metre-wide dome, which impresses visitors were impressed by the visual presentation, which is intended to provide insights into the Dortmunder U making  all topics dealt with in exhibitions and workshops accessible to the visitors. In the evening, there was a huge projectionmapping on the fascade of the Dortmunder U, which enthralled visitors from young to old and also became the (almost) most clicked post on the Dortmunder U´s social media channels. Also the several livestreams of the evening reached out to more than 9000 digital visitors.

Virtual Astronaut or digital quizmaster?

From 4:00 p.m to midnight, visitors took the opportunity to engage with people from different counties or just having fun on several digital stations, like making a podcast about your farthest friend in the world or exploring the world as an astronaut wit the digital station “Astronaut flight”.

A lot of people also got attracted by the interactive videogame at DortmunderU´s cinema. Here you could use your smartphone to answer questens being given by a digital quizmaster.

Analog workshops at UZWEI

But also fans of analog art had lots of fun at this event. Although the regular rooms of the Museum Ostwald are closed because of a huge renovation, you could enjoy analog arts and join several workshops at the UZWEI regarding the questions “How do you see yourself?” and “What is important to you?”