Activities, U R ART

U R ART festival at the Van Abbemuseum

21.09.2019 - 21.09.2019

On September 21, the interactive U R ART festival will take place at 7 locations in 5 European countries. The Van Abbemuseum offers a day full of new ways to discover the museum: everyone is welcome. Take the opportunity to practice yoga in the museum or enter into a gender bender in the Family Drag Up! Join the various workshops (including a meme workshop), a multi-sensory tour or the renewed theatrical tour. Or visit the interactive sound artwork, various pop-up activities and the short-term exhibition Eyewitnesses of Conflict, with work by Goya, Beuys and Dumas, among others. Immerse yourself in the Silent Sound project – which includes a duet between a deaf and hearing dancer – and take it a step further in the short sign language dance workshop. There will be plenty activities for children as well, like a book reading and the interactive Children’s Art Club. Additionally, the museum choir will perform a special piece and Wall Street will host a European-themed Art Market. The day will conclude in a festive fashion with a DJ performance in the museum café. One thing is certain: you will never look at the museum the same way again!