Van Abbemuseum Vitrine: Selection Pieter van den Hoogenband

02.02.2019 - 02.06.2019

The Van Abbemuseum Vitrine is a unique collaboration between Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven, the Van Abbemuseum and designer Piet Hein Eek. In a vitrine, designed and made by Eek, a part of the museum’s collection will be on show. This vitrine, a glass cart, has a central position in the entrance hall of Hotel Eindhoven.

The collaboration between Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven and the Van Abbemuseum arose in 2017. They found each other in the desire to introduce as many people as possible to the beauty that Eindhoven has to offer.

In this vitrine, there will be regularly changing exhibitions. For this, prominent people from Eindhoven and the region make a choice from the collection of the Van Abbemuseum. The display case with the choice of the third guest curator, Pieter van den Hoogenband, is on show from 2 February 2019.

The choice of Pieter van den Hoogenband

Pieter van den Hoogenband selected the model Ship of Tolerance by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. This model of the Ship of Tolerance refers to an international youth project undertaken by the artists. The project’s mission was to introduce young people to different continents, cultures and identities. The schoolchildren did paintings based on a particular theme. Stitched together, these paintings form the sails of the ship.

With his selection Van den Hoogenband wishes to pay homage to his recently deceased friend Pieter Knaapen. Knaapen was involved with the Van Abbemuseum as a member of the choir. Van den Hoogenband explains: “Pieter Knaapen taught me how important art is. I hope that more people will have the chance to experience that art can touch and inspire you, just as a sports competition can.”

Pieter van den Hoogenband (born 1978) is a triple Olympic swimming champion. With seven Olympic medals, he is one of he most successful sportsmen of all time. During his fifteen-year swimming career he caused a furore in the in the freestyle sprint at the highest level. Additionally, he also broke the world record for the 100-meter long course in a in 2000.