• Guided tour with the museum robot


Visit the Van Abbemuseum with a museum robot

01.01.2018 - 01.01.2020

Through a museum robot, the Van Abbemuseum is accessible for people who cannot physically visit the museum for a variety of reasons. Whether it is because of a physical disability or because of long distance, the robot makes it possible to experience the museum and the artworks from the comfort of your own home. Users can control and guide it through the museum by themselves. For this, the Van Abbemuseum uses special user-friendly software.

Take a personal guided robot tour

There is always a guide available in the museum to accompany the robot and help with the controls. The guide can also talk to the remote visitor and answer any questions. The Van Abbemuseum also offers personal guided tours through the museumrobot.  These specialized and personal tours offer more detailed information about the museum and its artworks. A guided tours will help make visitors better acquainted with the museum. Through the robot, we can guide remote visitors around our most cherished works in the museum and tell them more about the building’s fascinating history and architecture.

Special Guests @ Van Abbe

This robot is part of the Special Guests project in the Van Abbemuseum. Since its launch in October 2014, this project has initiated several changes to improve the accessibility of the museum. In close cooperation with various target groups and interest groups, the museum strives to be accessible and enjoyable for all. Besides the museum robot, the Van Abbemuseum offers special tours for anyone who is curious. Whether you are blind or visually impaired, deaf or aurally impaired. Even if you are confined to bed, the museum will come to you.

Experiencing the museum and the artworks with all senses is not only an additional value to these target groups with special needs, but also provides a special contribution to the museum experience of every visitor.