Workshop | Cognitive Accessibility for cultural managers

    16.03.2019 - 16.03.2019

    NOTE: The main language of this workshop is Spanish

    In this theoretical-practical workshop you will get to know and manage the concept of Cognitive Accessibility and some of its tools, applied to cultural spaces and activities. The dynamics are based on real examples from the double experience as experts and users that teachers from Cooperativa Altavoz have gained in have accessible environments.

    About Cooperativa Altavoz

    Cooperativa Altavoz is a cooperative led by people with intellectual disabilities, showing through the examples the various roles that people with intellectual disabilities can have, beyond myths and extended prejudices.

    They have extensive experience providing cognitive accessibility services and training, both in technical and advanced courses, and coaching awareness processes and providing basic training. They also have their own methodology whereby all their services are considered from teams with people with different capacities.