• Waag: CC-BY-SA

Workshop | Introduction to co-creation

15.03.2019 - 15.03.2019

Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with ‘wicked problems’, but what can it do for you specifically? In the workshop Waag shares their knowledge, process and role in the organisation of co-creative trajectories. The participants can explore hands-on how working co-creatively enables organisations to build a relationship with local communities and individuals, with new visitors, with young people or with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Dick van Dijk will use the Co-creation Navigator, as basis for the workshop (the Navigator is an open, online tool developed by Waag).

Dick van Dijk is creative director and head of programme for the Future Heritage Lab at Waag. Part of his role at Waag is creating interactive concepts, strategizing design research and user involvement, and monitoring the development of the actual ‘thing’: a prototype, demo, or event. He is mostly interested in the crossover between virtual and physical interactions, in creating a narrative space. He has worked on many cultural heritage projects, with partners such as the Old Church in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Museum and through EU projects such as meSch, Mingei and BigPicnic. He has spoken and lectured on storytelling, interaction design, playful learning and co-creation. Dick is co-author of the book ‘Connect, Design for an Emphatic Society’ on age-driven design.

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