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smARTplaces is a visionary, long-term European audience development project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and aiming to revolutionise the way culture and art can be perceived and consumed using digital technology and new forms of cultural mediation.

  • 8 cultural institutions
  • 2 research partners
  • 8 countries
  • 17 joint activities
  • 40 local activities
  • 1 shared goal

Upcoming activities

ExhibitionThe Collection Pop-up Exhibition17.11.2017 - 19.11.2017Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Steering group meeting4th Steering Group Meeting20.11.2017 - 24.11.2017Liechtenstein National Museum

FestivalAzPlay29.11.2017 - 03.12.2017Azkuna Zentroa

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The Collection Pop-up Exhibition

17.11.2017 - 19.11.2017

The Collection pop-up exhibition present six photographs of Stefan Bremer. Iconic artworks about the dancers are the pearl of the collection. These photographs will be reflected with digital projectors to temporary screens and visible for the audience through the windows. The exhibition space which has large windows will seem like a lighted rectangle in the polar night.

Steering group meeting

4th Steering Group Meeting

20.11.2017 - 24.11.2017

From the 20th until the 24th of November the smARTplaces Steering Groups gets together again, in the hometown of the Liechtenstein National Museum, Vaduz.


Innovative Citizen

30.11.2017 - 03.12.2017

The Innovative Citizen Festival at the Dortmunder U represents a more democratic approach to technology.



29.11.2017 - 03.12.2017

This year the AzPlay International Festival of Independent Games will hold its 8th edition. The Festival organised by Azkuna Zentroa continues with its bet on videogames as an ever more important cultural and industrial phenomenon for yet another year.


smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture

01.03.2018 - 02.03.2018

The smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture conference analyzes possibilities, and also necessities, of digital renewal within culture and spotlights audience development.